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General entry prices to CurveMotion.

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  Play (up to 12 years) Skate Skate and Play
(0-12 months)
Pre-School Age
(4 yrs & under)
£5.75 £5.75 £9.25
Standard Entry Fee £7.25 £7.75 £11.95
Toddler Group £5.25** (Discounts do not apply to this session)
Skate Hire Fisher Price Free (Deposit may be required)
Small (9J to4A) £2.00
Regular (5A to 12A) £2.50
Spectator A spectating fee of £1.00 will apply during weekends, holidays and evenings for any adult not paying standard entry price.
A spectator must be aged 13 years or over. All children aged 12 & under will be charged an appropriate entry fee to use one or more facilities.
Discounts Family Skate Discount (15% off admission & skate hire for 4+ people) during COAST sessions only.
Discount for registered childminders (maximum 4 children) + 1 free spectator (18+ years)
25% during off peak times, 10% during peak times. Proof of membership required.
10% for twins/multiples. Applies to 2nd or further multiple sibling. TAMBA card required.
Group discount available for 10+ people paying full entrance prices. Advance booking required.

At busy times your visit may be limited. Minimum 2 hour visit guaranteed.
To skate during the Coast session you must be accompanied by someone age 13 or under.

* Free of charge if under 1 year and with an older child. (1-1 basis)
** Toddler Group is only available during term time for children aged 4 & under. Capacity is limited. Anyone arriving after the activity has started will be charged at standard entry rate.

CurveMotion rules of entry and general terms and conditions apply.
CurveMotion reserve the right to amend opening times and prices without notice.
Off Peak is classed as term time weekdays, Peak is classed as weekends and holidays (based on term dates set for Suffolk county).
Prices for certain sessions may vary from those published.
All prices are inclusive of VAT.

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